SolarCaldo 61 changes the way you face the cold.

SolarCaldo 61 may be the most technical, innovative outerwear on the market today. Unlike other garments, SolarCaldo 61 actually creates its own heat, powered by solar engery.


  • Energy from the sun is free and is environmental friendly.
  • SolarCaldo  is designed for its durability that enables you to enjoy years for solar power.
  • SolarCaldo can provide you additional power whenever there is sun.
  • Solar power will be the energy option for the uncertain future.
  • Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource.


To provide a "Green Product" and protect our plnet, SolarCaldo makes efforts not only on energy saving, but also on waste reducing. Solar Panels, valuable composites e.g. silver & gold of SolarCaldo, the packing and the user manual are all recyclable. 



10 seconds to heat up to 42 degrees and remains constant

4-6 hours of continuous usage (without continually sunlight absorbing)



  • Lightweight, flexible, durable and waterproof
  • Utilizing ultra-thin, flexible and super-conductive heating element for thermal management
  • Aids for better circulation and maintaining the people at the most comfortable temperature
  • Solar panels and components are designed to be removable
  • Solar panels can charge the auxiliary battery in cloudy condition and some ambient light conditions


With our new integration of solar panel and heat technology, our new Triple Junction Amorphous Solar Panel has made traveling in chilling weather a breeze and of course affordable to most people.

The Triple Junction Amorphous Solar Panel can create its own heat with solar energy and it is lightweight and flexible enough to be attached to your clothes, shoes and even gloves.

Our durable and waterproof panel will last you through the cold weather and will function wherever there is sunlight.

And of course, safety is our first priority with is why we produce our Triple Junction Amorphous Solar Panel with glass-free material.



SolarCaldo 61 DETAIL

  SolarCaldo 61 Thermal Module
System Power (Watts) 11.1
Solar Power(Watts) 5.04
Operating Voltage (Volts) 5, USB plug
Auxiliary Battery (Volts) 3.7, 3000 mAh
rechargeable Lithium Polymer

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